Dwarikas Kathmandu, Nepal

The hotel houses an extensive collection of artefacts from the 13th century onwards, and the buildings and courtyards house some of Nepal’s best craftsmanship – capturing the beauty and spirit of an ancient city. The amalgamation of Nepal’s heritage with its longstanding tradition of hospitality makes The Dwarika’s Hotel in Kathmandu an intimate experience of a refinedNepali lifestyle. Located just a stone’s throw from the famous Pashupathinathtemple and the Buddhist stupa at Bouddhanath and yet just a few minutes away from the airport, The Dwarika’s Hotel is an ideal base from which guests can explore Nepal’s infinite charms. The spacious rooms, elegant setting and Nepaliwarmth make it a luxurious retreat, and an experience to treasure.

Dwarikas, Nepal Dwarikas, Nepal1 Dwarikas, Nepal2 Dwarikas, Nepal3 Dwarikas, Nepal4 Dwarikas, Nepal5 Dwarikas, Nepal6 Dwarikas, Nepal7 Dwarikas, Nepal8 Dwarikas, Nepal9 Dwarikas, Nepal10 Dwarikas, Nepal11 Dwarikas, Nepal12 Dwarikas, Nepal13 Dwarikas, Nepal14 Dwarikas, Nepal15 Dwarikas, Nepal16 Dwarikas, Nepal17 Dwarikas, Nepal18 Dwarikas, Nepal19


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