Capella Pedregal, Mexico

Capella Pedregal, a premier luxury resort in Cabo San Lucas, sits on the southernmost tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. Encompassing 24 spectacular mountainside and oceanfront acres, our luxury Cabo hotel rests at the very point where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, near the legendary rock formations known as Land’s End.

The beach resort is reached via the only privately owned tunnel in Mexico, Dos Mares. Carved through the heart of the mountain, the tunnel is a 300-meter long engineering feat that separates the town of Cabo from the Pacific Ocean.

This dramatic entrance to Capella Pedregal deposits visitors at the hotel’s entrance courtyard, overlooking a long expanse of beach and the ocean. It leaves no question that you have entered a world apart. Enjoy immediate proximity to the world-class Cabo Marina at Capella Pedregal. Guests and residents who want to experience true “Cabo culture” will find the vibrant shops, dining and entertainment of Cabo San Lucas village all within easy reach by foot, bike, personal auto or resort valet.

Capella Resort and Spa is the flagship luxury hotel of the Capella brand and includes 96 rooms and suites.

aCapella Pedregal, Mexico Beach Club Restaurant 1 Don Manuel's Breakfast Buffet Capella Pedregal, Mexico2 Don Manuel's Alcove Seating Don Manuel's Dining Don Manuel's Lounge Don Manuel's Outdoor Seating Don Manuel's Wine Room Capella Pedregal, Mexico8 Capella Pedregal, Mexico9 Capella Pedregal, Mexico10 Capella Pedregal, Mexico11 Capella Pedregal, Mexico12 Capella Pedregal, Mexico13 Capella Pedregal, Mexico14 Wedding Photos of Meg & Doug Capella Pedregal, Mexico16 Capella Pedregal, Mexico17 PA Desk Capella Pedregal, Mexico19 Capella Pedregal, Mexico20 Capella Pedregal, Mexico21 Capella Pedregal, Mexico23 Capella Pedregal, Mexico24 Capella Pedregal, Mexico25 Capella Pedregal, Mexico26 Capella Pedregal, Mexico27 Capella Pedregal, Mexico28 Capella Pedregal, Mexico29 Capella Pedregal, Mexico30 Capella Pedregal, Mexico31 Capella Pedregal, Mexico32 v22



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