Taj Palace Marrakech

Nestled in the luxurious and exclusive Palmeraie region of Marrakech, Taj Palace offers breathtaking views of the prominent snow-capped Atlas Mountains. Opulent and majestic, the Palace unfolds like a beautiful painting, featuring all the splendors of Moorish, Indian and Venetian architecture. Set on 55 hectares of beautifully landscaped gardens, and surrounded by tranquil palm trees and olive groves, the property has been meticulously crafted with a vivid blend of seductive Moroccan and exotic Indian themes. Its well-appointed, spacious guest rooms and luxurious suites are spread between the magnificent main Palace and four exclusive Riads. All enjoy stunning views over the Atlas Mountains, the Palmeraie desert landscape, or the calming pool and gardens.

Taj Palace Marrakech Taj Palace Marrakech1 Taj Palace Marrakech2 Taj Palace Marrakech3 Taj Palace Marrakech4 Taj Palace Marrakech5 Taj Palace Marrakech6 Taj Palace Marrakech7 Taj Palace Marrakech8 Taj Palace Marrakech9 Taj Palace Marrakech10 Taj Palace Marrakech11 Taj Palace Marrakech12 Taj Palace Marrakech13 Taj Palace Marrakech14 Taj Palace Marrakech15 Taj Palace Marrakech16 Taj Palace Marrakech17 Taj Palace Marrakech18 Taj Palace Marrakech19 Taj Palace Marrakech20 Taj Palace Marrakech21 Taj Palace Marrakech22 Taj Palace Marrakech24 Taj Palace Marrakech25 Taj Palace Marrakech26



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