Le Gray, Beirut

Le Gray has just opened at the very heart of downtown Beirut. The city’s reborn historical center is buzzing with fashionable restaurants, shops and galleries, and has welcomed the first hotel in the Middle East created by renowned hotelier Gordon Campbell Gray. The modern classic design overseen by architect Kevin Dash, with breezy contemporary interiors by Mary Fox Linton and Campbell Gray himself, offers understated luxury and spacious rooms and suites for both business and leisure travelers. Restaurants and bars are equally dashing with healthy Mediterranean cuisine and fabulous cocktails served on rooftop terraces and a sidewalk café. Besides, you are just around the corner from everything else there is to do and see.

Le Gray, Beirut Le Gray, Beirut1 Le Gray, Beirut2 Le Gray, Beirut3 Le Gray, Beirut4 Le Gray, Beirut5 Le Gray, Beirut6 Le Gray, Beirut7 Le Gray, Beirut8 Le Gray, Beirut9 Le Gray, Beirut10 Le Gray, Beirut11 Le Gray, Beirut12 Le Gray, Beirut13 Le Gray, Beirut14 Le Gray, Beirut15 Le Gray, Beirut16 Le Gray, Beirut17 Le Gray, Beirut18 Le Gray, Beirut19 Le Gray, Beirut20 Le Gray, Beirut21 Le Gray, Beirut22 Le Gray, Beirut23 Le Gray, Beirut24 Le Gray, Beirut25 Le Gray, Beirut26 Le Gray, Beirut27 Le Gray, Beirut28 Le Gray, Beirut29 Le Gray, Beirut30 Le Gray, Beirut31 Le Gray, Beirut32 Le Gray, Beirut33 Le Gray, Beirut34 Le Gray, Beirut35 Le Gray, Beirut36 Le Gray, Beirut37


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