Hotel Fasano, São Paulo

The Hotel Fasano São Paulo was a decade in the making. To realize his vision of a modern take on 1930’s design, owner Rogério Fasano enlisted the services of leading Brazilian architects Isay Weinfeld and Marcio Kogan. The resulting 1940’s-style brick building is located in the historic Jardim Europa district. The impressive interiors feature travertine fireplaces and floors, hand-woven carpets and French leather club chairs. The Fasanos are fourth-generation restaurateurs, so naturally the hotel’s Restaurante Fasano has long been considered Brazil’s best Italian eatery. Jazz and bossa-nova artists like Caetano Veloso and Bebel Gilberto have performed in the piano bar, Baretto, attracting international visitors and Paulistanos alike.

Hotel Fasano São Paulo Hotel Fasano São Paulo1 Hotel Fasano São Paulo2 Hotel Fasano São Paulo3 Hotel Fasano São Paulo4 Hotel Fasano São Paulo5 Hotel Fasano São Paulo6 Hotel Fasano São Paulo7 Hotel Fasano São Paulo8 Hotel Fasano São Paulo9 Hotel Fasano São Paulo10 Hotel Fasano São Paulo11 Hotel Fasano São Paulo12 Hotel Fasano São Paulo13 Hotel Fasano São Paulo14 Hotel Fasano São Paulo15



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