Rayavadee, Thailand

Krabi is a hidden gem that many discover – and fall in love with – while en route to the more wellknown islands of Ko Lanta and Ko Phi Phi. When they do visit, the luckiest check into Rayavadee. Accessed by stylish speedboat, the resort is surrounded on three sides by glorious sand beaches, and lush jungle greenery, imbuing a sense of tropical relaxation. Keeping with the special setting, Rayavadee has had an ambitious sustainability program since it opened. The resort may feel like a secret, but its restaurant is one of Thailand’s most renowned. Aptly named The Grotto, it is built into an ancient cave, giving it an ideal vantage point for guests who linger over cocktails while admiring a sunset-tinged sky.

Rayavadee, Thailand Rayavadee, Thailand1 Rayavadee, Thailand2 Rayavadee, Thailand3 Rayavadee, Thailand4 Rayavadee, Thailand5 Rayavadee, Thailand6 Rayavadee, Thailand7 Rayavadee, Thailand8 Rayavadee, Thailand9 Rayavadee, Thailand10 Rayavadee, Thailand11 Rayavadee, Thailand12 Rayavadee, Thailand13 Rayavadee, Thailand14 Rayavadee, Thailand15 Rayavadee, Thailand16 Rayavadee, Thailand17 Rayavadee, Thailand18 Rayavadee, Thailand19 Rayavadee, Thailand20 Rayavadee, Thailand21 Rayavadee, Thailand22 Rayavadee, Thailand23 Rayavadee, Thailand24 Rayavadee, Thailand25 Rayavadee, Thailand26 Rayavadee, Thailand27 Rayavadee, Thailand28 Rayavadee, Thailand30 Rayavadee, Thailand31 Rayavadee, Thailand32 Rayavadee, Thailand33 Rayavadee, Thailand34 Rayavadee, Thailand35 Rayavadee, Thailand36 Rayavadee, Thailand37 Rayavadee, Thailand38 Rayavadee, Thailand39 Rayavadee, Thailand40 Rayavadee, Thailand41 Rayavadee, Thailand42


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