The Chedi Muscat, Oman

Occupying a prime beachfront location, and only a 15-minute drive from the airport, The Chedi Muscat is a short distance from the city’s business district and main tourist attractions. This exclusive 21-acre resort is idealfor business and leisure travelers alike. The clean, minimalist lines of the low-rise white buildings are accentuated by gardens of symmetrical simplicity, with lines of manicured hedges and pools of water creating an implacable Zen calm. All of the rooms and suites combine cool designer sensibilities with plush furnishings and the latest in-room entertainment technology. All of the suites feature private terraces with views across the gardens and ponds, Haajjar mountains and the Arabian Sea.

The Chedi Muscat The Chedi Muscat1 The Chedi Muscat2 The Chedi Muscat3 The Chedi Muscat4 The Chedi Muscat5 The Chedi Muscat6 The Chedi Muscat7 The Chedi Muscat8 The Chedi Muscat9 The Chedi Muscat10 The Chedi Muscat11 The Chedi Muscat12 The Chedi Muscat13 The Chedi Muscat14 The Chedi Muscat15 The Chedi Muscat16 The Chedi Muscat17 The Chedi Muscat18 The Chedi Muscat19 The Chedi Muscat20 The Chedi Muscat21 The Chedi Muscat22 The Chedi Muscat23 The Chedi Muscat24 The Chedi Muscat25 The Chedi Muscat26 The Chedi Muscat27 The Chedi Muscat28 The Chedi Muscat29 The Chedi Muscat30 The Chedi Muscat31 The Chedi Muscat32


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