Biltmore, Miami

Having housed guests as notorious as Al Capone and as noteworthy as Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Biltmore Florida has remained one of the country’s most historic hotels for nearly a century. The architects behind Grand Central Station fashioned this fanciful palace by the palms with terra-cotta tiled roofs and yellow walls, creating an instant landmark. During the Jazz Age, the hotel drew socialites and movie stars with its polo fields, ball rooms and sports facilities. Today, the nationally recognized spa on the 7th floor allows guests to unwind during their stay. The Palme d’Or restaurant, which rates highly in Zagat, and activities such as cooking classes, keep guests close to the resort. But unlike in the property’s early days, there are also the draws of Miami and Coral Gables a short drive away.

Biltmore Biltmore1 Biltmore2 Biltmore3 Biltmore4 Biltmore5 Biltmore6 Biltmore7 Biltmore8 Biltmore9 Biltmore10 Biltmore11 Biltmore12 Biltmore13 Biltmore14 Biltmore15 Biltmore16 Biltmore17 Biltmore18 Biltmore19 Biltmore20 Biltmore21 Biltmore22 Biltmore23 Biltmore24 Biltmore25 Biltmore26 Biltmore27 Biltmore28 Biltmore29 Biltmore30 Biltmore31 Biltmore32 Biltmore33 Biltmore34 Biltmore35 Biltmore36 Biltmore37 Biltmore38 Biltmore39 Biltmore40 Biltmore41


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