The Shilla, Seoul

South Korea’s capital is one of Asia’s most vibrant and economically powerful cities, with a skyline whose architectural innovation reflects its pioneering spirit. It’s not easy keeping up with this futurama, but the Shilla Seoul succeeds with a combination of comfortable elegance and cutting-edge technology. The location is unbeatable: at the heart of the city and bordering the 23-acre Janchungdan Park. Interiors are a flawless blend of East-meets-West, with soaring public spaces and European-style guestrooms, many with views of Namsan Mountain. Equally top-notch is the Guerlain Spa, the first of its kind in an Asian hotel, overseen by Paris-trained therapists. The facilities also include an outdoor swimming pool, a luxury in the fast-paced city.

The Shilla Seoul The Shilla Seoul1 The Shilla Seoul2 The Shilla Seoul3 The Shilla Seoul4 The Shilla Seoul5 The Shilla Seoul6 The Shilla Seoul7 The Shilla Seoul8 The Shilla Seoul9 The Shilla Seoul10 The Shilla Seoul11 The Shilla Seoul12 The Shilla Seoul13 The Shilla Seoul14 The Shilla Seoul15 The Shilla Seoul16 The Shilla Seoul17 The Shilla Seoul18 The Shilla Seoul19 The Shilla Seoul20 The Shilla Seoul21 The Shilla Seoul22 The Shilla Seoul23 The Shilla Seoul24 The Shilla Seoul25 The Shilla Seoul26 The Shilla Seoul27 The Shilla Seoul28 The Shilla Seoul29 The Shilla Seoul30


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