Minaret Station, Wanaka

Welcome to New Zealand’s Southern Alps, one of the earth’s last untouched landscapes, with snowcapped mountains, towering glaciers, and pristine lakes. And thanks to the arrival of the region’s first luxury camp, you no longer have to be a celebrity (Shania Twain owns a ranch nearby) or a hobbit (Peter Jackson filmedLord of the Rings here) to experience the area’s profound beauty in style—though you will have to pay a premium for the access to one of the country’s prettiest corners. Minaret Station, a stone lodge with just four tented suites, is set on 65,000 acres of valley floor that can be reached (from Queenstown) only by helicopter. Interiors reflect the surroundings, from the sheepskin rugs to the bottled water by your bed at turndown (it comes from a nearby waterfall). A typical day might include a chopper ride into the belly of the Mount Aspiring glacier or, if it’s summer, an expedition to the coast for abalone and crayfish diving. If all that fresh air doesn’t lull you to sleep, a dip in your private veranda’s heated soaking tub should do the trick.

Minaret Station, Wanaka Minaret Station, Wanaka1 Minaret Station, Wanaka2 Minaret Station, Wanaka3 Minaret Station, Wanaka4 Minaret Station, Wanaka5 Minaret Station, Wanaka6 Minaret Station, Wanaka7 Minaret Station, Wanaka8 Minaret Station, Wanaka9 Minaret Station, Wanaka10 Minaret Station, Wanaka11 Minaret Station, Wanaka12 Minaret Station, Wanaka13 Minaret Station, Wanaka14 Minaret Station, Wanaka15 Minaret Station, Wanaka16 Minaret Station, Wanaka17 Minaret Station, Wanaka18 Minaret Station, Wanaka19


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