Corinthia Hotel, London

A staggering $488 million went into the purchase and restoration of this former Ministry of Defense headquarters south of Trafalgar Square. The 294-room hotel is an ode to grand living: it’s filled with extravagant gestures, such as seven two-story penthouse suites (the Royal Penthouse has a walk-in wine cellar and even a private cinema), and megawatt designer David Collins is behind the gilded accents at Bassoon bar and the vast seafood-focused restaurant, Massimo. Newsworthy, sure, but worth the price tag, even in a city flush with Olympic glory and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee? The power-breakfast crowd surely thinks so. Meanwhile, we were impressed by the subtler touches: Northall, the smaller English restaurant, for its all-local, organic ingredients; the über-private sleep “pods” in the four-story spa; even the straightforward in-room light and temperature controls (blessedly no mind-boggling touch-screen wizardry

Corinthia Hotel London Corinthia Hotel London1 Corinthia Hotel London2 Corinthia Hotel London3 Corinthia Hotel London4 Corinthia Hotel London5 Corinthia Hotel London7 Corinthia Hotel London8 Corinthia Hotel London9 Corinthia Hotel London10 Corinthia Hotel London11 Corinthia Hotel London12 Corinthia Hotel London13 Corinthia Hotel London14 Corinthia Hotel London15 Corinthia Hotel London16 Corinthia Hotel London17 Corinthia Hotel London18 Corinthia Hotel London19 Corinthia Hotel London20 Corinthia Hotel London21


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