Conservatorium, Amsterdam

Standing on the famous site of Amsterdam’s former Sweelinck Conservatory of Music, the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam opened at the end of 2011. This magnificent Neo-Gothic building was originally built at the end of the 19th Century and in its new incarnation, it has been transformed into a contemporary luxury five-star hotel.

Conservatorium, Amsterdam Conservatorium, Amsterdam1 Conservatorium, Amsterdam2 Conservatorium, Amsterdam3 Conservatorium, Amsterdam4 Conservatorium, Amsterdam5 Conservatorium, Amsterdam6 Conservatorium, Amsterdam7 Conservatorium, Amsterdam8 Conservatorium, Amsterdam9 Conservatorium, Amsterdam10 Conservatorium, Amsterdam11 Conservatorium, Amsterdam12 Conservatorium, Amsterdam13 Conservatorium, Amsterdam14 Conservatorium, Amsterdam15 Conservatorium, Amsterdam16 Conservatorium, Amsterdam17 Conservatorium, Amsterdam18 Conservatorium, Amsterdam19 Conservatorium, Amsterdam20 Conservatorium, Amsterdam21 Conservatorium, Amsterdam22 Conservatorium, Amsterdam23 Conservatorium, Amsterdam24 Conservatorium, Amsterdam25 Conservatorium, Amsterdam26


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