VICEROY, Anguilla

Throughout the Anguillan resort, modern architectural forms interplay with the natural environment, while sophisticated, contemporary interiors by designer Kelly Wearstler add rich textural contrast. The resort’s signature restaurant, Cobà, offers dining with exquisite views of Barnes Bay and Meads Bay, and the dramatic bay-view Sunset Lounge and cliffside Half Shell beach bar and restaurant add to the culinary offerings at this stunning luxury Caribbean resort. Two white sand beaches, our glimmering Sunset Pool, an array of water sports, a spa and fitness center, and programs for children and families add to Viceroy’s rarefied experience.

VICEROY, Anguilla VICEROY, Anguilla1 VICEROY, Anguilla2 VICEROY, Anguilla3 VICEROY, Anguilla4 VICEROY, Anguilla5 VICEROY, Anguilla6 VICEROY, Anguilla7 VICEROY, Anguilla8 VICEROY, Anguilla9 VICEROY, Anguilla10 VICEROY, Anguilla11 VICEROY, Anguilla12 VICEROY, Anguilla13 VICEROY, Anguilla14 VICEROY, Anguilla15 VICEROY, Anguilla16 VICEROY, Anguilla17 VICEROY, Anguilla18 VICEROY, Anguilla19 VICEROY, Anguilla20 VICEROY, Anguilla21 VICEROY, Anguilla22 VICEROY, Anguilla23 VICEROY, Anguilla24


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