A stay at Makati Shangri-La, Manila, is an unforgettable one. The hotel offers you the opportunity to experience the heart of Manila from the very centre of Manila’s most prestigious business, shopping and entertainment district.

Strategically located in Makati’s commercial zones

You spend the day exploring the neighbourhood around the hotel. Surrounded by one of the country’s largest shopping malls, you enjoy browsing through designer products like Kenneth Cole and Kate Spade. There’s also something for the cultural lover in you, as you visit the Ayala Museum and become fascinated with its displays on Filipino culture and history.

Longing for a break in nature, you take a leisurely stroll at the park across the hotel. Night falls and you finish your day by catching a show at one of the colourful nightlife spots.

Now you’re ready for a good meal and you return to the hotel to be tantalized by the many delicious options. There’s seafood and steak in the casual cosmopolitan environment of Red, while market-fresh sushi is available at Inagiku. You opt to sample modern Cantonese dishes at Shangri-La’s signature restaurant, Shang Palace.

After your delicious meal, you return to your room. As you step onto your floor, you’re welcomed by a serene Zen waterfall. Your room promises more exquisite comforts that will ensure a restful night’s sleep.

You soak in the magnificent views of Makati and are content, sitting in the living room, gazing out at the brightly-lit glass towers.

Take your time and relax; you are in a luxurious sanctuary. You are at Shangri-La.



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