Each infinity pool sanctuary at Jade Mountain is a carefully designed, individual work of art and architecture. All of the sanctuaries celebrate an unparalleled view of the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea. In all of the sanctuaries, the 4th wall is open to the views while at the same time allowing for complete privacy. An additional panoramic quality is provided by sanctuaries on particular elevations and those located on corners. Four rate categories of infinity pool sanctuaries have been created to reflect the square footage of the sanctuaries and size of pool. Also, there are five Sky jacuzzi suites.

jademountain jademountain1 jademountain2 jademountain3 jademountain4 jademountain5   jademountain9 jademountain10  jademountain7jademountain11jademountain8jademountain12 jademountain13 jademountain14 jademountain15 jademountain16 jademountain17 jademountain18 jademountain19 jademountain20


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